Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Delicious Project: Rice Pudding

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who is also a dietitian and a major food lover proposed the world's best idea. Lisa writes Confessions of Dietitian, chronicling if store-bought foods are any better or easier than foods made from scratch, this time, inviting a couple of her favourite food photographers along with sassy food blogger, Meghan, to take pictures and taste test various foods. I jumped on the opportunity, you should have seen me reply to her email, my fingers looked like they were on Ritalin, "COUNT ME IN!!!! I’LL BE THEREEE!!"

The following months, we will be cooking/taste testing/food photographing/oohing-and-ahhing over both sweet and savoury foods and you get to join us, in what I call The Delicious Project.

I had lots of fun for the first challenge not just from taking photos while lying on Lisa’s living room floor to get the perfect shot, but these girls are immensely fun to work with. For nearly four hours, we giggled, cheered and cringed over five (5!!) rice puddings and believe me when I say there was a lot of pudding. You can go here to find out which puddings prevailed.

Next month, we’ll be making…wait, you ready? Are you sitting down? We Meghan and Lisa are making pulled pork. PULLED PORK!! I’m mad excited.
Recipe here!

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