Saturday, December 25, 2010


There has been Chai infused coffee cake

followed by mandatory Nap Time

at the stunning Niagara Falls.

There was also white sangria, concocted with white wine, ginger ale and pineapple juice

...shared with some special friends

and more cake. Like this uber creamy mango orange mousse cake.

There were buildings blanketed in white,

and snow settled on the crevices of everything in sight.

And nothing warms me up like a big bowl of soup noodles,

or spaghetti and meatballs.

And who says you can't have cookies for breakfast? Especially when they're Cornmeal raisin cookies with a cafe latte.

I've also been nursing my very own vanilla extract. It's estimated to be ready for use in 6 weeks, oh how I can't wait! *impatient twiddling of thumbs*

Meanwhile, I made some Benne Wafers. The original recipe failed me, each cookie metaphased with its net door neighbor. I added flour by the spoonful and finally rescued the latch batch; yet despite my frustrations, failures are still sweet.
Recipe here!

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