Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maple Syrup and Cream

I have a friend who dips croissants in maple syrup and cream. I know, I was astounded too, as if the amount of butter wasn’t enough of an indulgence.

He pops the croissant into the oven to give it a crisp-boosting treatment. Meanwhile, we arrange a rainbow of fruit on our plates: slivers of cantaloupe, squishy black mission figs, plus glistening grapes and blueberries. Then, Ding ding! Warm croissants are ready.

As the morning light radiates the room, I watch as glugs of amber syrup are poured into a bowl, followed by a teaspoon of cream. He tears the end of his croissant, leaves a sprinkling of gold flakes on his placemat, and swirls it in the shiny liquid before passing it onto me. I take it in one mouthful and I’m blown away. The cream tames the throat-itching sweetness and bewitches the expected caramel flavour. The croissant is fresh: both crackly on the outside, yet retains a firm chew.

Among the many reasons I adore croissants, is how a trace of pastry always manages to stick on the edge of my lips. But it doesn't matter. When a boy you have a crush on shares breakfast with you, he can't help but tilt his head to the side, grin, and lean over to gently brush it off. So don’t be afraid to try new foods--especially when sweets are involved--sparks always fly.
Recipe here!

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