Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday morning: Croissants for Breakfast at Premiere Moisson

A brush of expresso breaks the calm foamy milk of a café au lait sitting before you. Roasted coffee wafts and mesmerizes you. It is almost dreamy, staring into the cup teeming with softly popping bubbles. But something else distracts you, a croissant aux amande.

Next to the coffee lies a large golden nugget, liberally dusted with icing sugar and a shower of slivered almonds. Feel its weight in your hand and realize it needs the support of all ten fingers. Inhale the sweet smell of butter. Open wide to greedily meet each buttery layer that encases almond cream. Grainy sugar crystals melt into the silky sheets of fat and flour, causing your lips to turn upwards in a smile. Dive in for another nibble, and jagged pieces of pastry stick to the roof of your mouth, but alas! MM! What was that? A hint of sexy dark chocolate dissolves on your tongue. A nibble transforms to a bite, a bite becomes a bigger crunch. Each morsel, each chew, a sheer delight. The only culprit is the archipelago of icing sugar stuck to the sides of your mouth--don't worry, just wipe them away with the back of your hand. And you might as well use your forefinger to lick up each remaining crumb on your plate. Oh, don’t forget to sip the café au lait slowly while pondering for your next croissant.

Recipe here!

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